Identify and track your encounters with ticks

InvesTickations is your tool to document, identify, and share ticks that you encounter during routine outdoor activities. These data will be gathered and analyzed to better track where ticks are coming into contact with people and their pets.

American Dog Tick
150 Font Blvd 1 hour ago
John Doe
American Dog Tick
150 Font Blvd 1 hour ago
John Doe
American Dog Tick
150 Font Blvd 1 hour ago
John Doe
American Dog Tick
150 Font Blvd 1 hour ago
John Doe


Record your Activities

InvesTICKation allows users to add their activities such as hiking, walking, dog walking, rock climbing ect.

Post Observation

With the location sharing of data, users can help keep track of the ticks by reporting their activity details.

Geo Locate Ticks

All the data posted by registered users are parsed and analysed based on statistical analysis model.

Carry out operations Offline

Users can keep their activities and observations data on their local handheld devices and later sync with server

Keep Track of your data

Record all the Activities and Tick Observations and keep track of your data using cloud

Data Analysis

The InvesTICKations project allows Data Analysis on all the user recorded data for research study

InvesTICKations Android Application

InvesTICKations provides a versatile user experience through its Android application. Each user can login/register via the Android application and can use the device to record and post all the activities as well as observations.

screen 2

Create Activity

A user specifies Activity such as hiking, walking, dog walking etc during his/her pursuit to capture Tick observations. Each Activity is used to build a trajectory of User's path

Activity Details page
screen 1

List of Activities

Displays list of Activities created by each user. Dispalys Activities created locally as well as synced with cloud server

Activities List
screen 3

Observation List

Displays a list of Observations made by user. This list also displays Observations that are specific to an Activity

screen 4

Ticks List

Displays list of all the Ticks present in the InvesTICKations system.



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